Corporate Social Responsibility

As Walpole Dunn continues to expand, we are increasingly aware of the impact we have on our local community, our colleagues, and the environment. Now more than ever, it is important to create a positive impact and act responsibly as a business. That is why Walpole Dunn is pleased to share our Corporate Social Responsibility policies and commitments, all of which are built on our core values of ambition, empathy and accountability.

The commitments of our CSR policy include: 

In Our Community

Being able to support local charities has always been a key goal of ours ever since we opened our practice in 2016. Through donations and fundraising we have raised over £6,000 for local charities.

The team at WD is always up for a challenge and we love being able to take them on as part of helping charities local to Taunton and Somerset. 

See some of the past challenges we have done to raise money and awareness for local charities from around the community.


As Walpole Dunn enters its fifth year and continues to grow, our potential impact on the environment increases, and our responsibility to care for the world we live in becomes ever more prevalent.

That is why Walpole Dunn is pleased to unveil our environmental commitments to mark Earth Day 2021.

  1. We will undertake a yearly review to assess our impact on the environment and outline steps for improvement.
  2. We commit to undertake regular sustainability training, to understand our evolving impact on the environment and learn how to improve.
  3. We commit to a greener commute, via car sharing, public transport, cycle and walk to work schemes.
  4. We commit to exclusively use green supplies from green, local suppliers, wherever possible. We also aim to remove all one-use products from our office over the next year.
  5. To engage the entire team in our environmental commitments, we will have a revolving ‘green monitor’. The green monitor will ensure the entire team is engaging with our efforts to positively impact on the environment.
  6. To ensure we are always going above and beyond in reducing our impact on the environment, Walpole Dunn will run an annual eco-challenge, with the aim of encouraging the whole team to reduce their personal impact on the environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Walpole Dunn, we strongly value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity is essential to our team, to ensure we have a variety of personalities and a variety of perspectives to serve our diverse range of clients. By working to create the most inclusive environment, we hope to allow our colleagues to fully unlock their potential and achieve success with Walpole Dunn.

What we do in-house:

  • We currently have a 50:50 male to female ratio in our team. There is no gender pay gap, and we ensure all colleagues receive full access to the same development opportunities.
  • Regular and varied social events are arranged to ensure ample opportunity for colleagues to bond beyond the office walls. This includes a weekly pub trip, monthly learning lunches, and regular team building days.
  • We provide colleagues with all reasonable adjustments that are requested. For example, we provide flexible working opportunities, and flexible hours to allow for personal matters, such as childcare and mental health.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment in the workplace. We value our colleagues and do not accept any form of discrimination.

We commit to:

  • Regular D&I training, including ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ training. Directors and colleagues will both participate to help create a fully aware workforce.
  • Work to become aware of all conscious and unconscious biases, to ensure these have no effect on recruitment and development of colleagues.
  • Become a Disability Confident Employer.
  • Provide an induction for all new colleagues, to help them settle into the workplace socially. This induction will include information on our values and policies.
  • Regular 1 on 1 D&I meeting with colleagues. Through these meetings, we can find out how colleagues are doing, and how we can improve and support them.
  • Regular meetings on professional development, to ensure colleagues feel fully supported in reaching their goals.
  • Provide a framework to allow colleagues to comment, report, or make suggestions for improvement of D&I in the workplace, without fear of reciprocity.
  • Collect data through employee surveys to identify areas of improvement in our D&I strategy.
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